Homemade Jewelry: What Can You Expect?


Shopping for clothes might be fun, but it is essential that we accessories them properly to look our best. Earlier there was a notion that jewelry was only meant for women, but times have changed. Now, both men and women love wearing necklaces, bracelets and earrings to enhance their look. With the variety of jewelry available in the market, you might get confused as to what you should buy be it for yourself or for gifting purposes. Homemade or handmade jewelry is a great place to start.

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Buying great homemade jewelry will make for a sustainable shopping experience and you will contribute your bit to the environment. There are a number of websites selling amazing handmade jewelry like men's bracelets, necklaces, earrings and charm bracelets. Check out craftgenie.shop for a wonderfully unique collection.

Homemade jewelry requires more time, patience and dedication which automatically increases the value of every piece. There are a number of reasons why you should ditch the machine made mass-produced jewelry in favor of some exquisite handmade jewelry pieces.

A green initiative:
All homemade jewelry is made with manual care, which means that no two pieces can never be the same. When something is made devoting intricate attention to details with one's own hands, it becomes a marvelous creation on its own merit.

Since no machines are used for production, it means that less electricity is consumed. Using lesser fuels in today's world where resources are rapidly deteriorating is a much-needed green initiative you need to take. It is an ethical way to success in the jewelry market. Charm bracelets will be even more charming when you know that they have not been created at the Earth's expense.

Requires dedication and time:
No handmade item of jewelry can be successfully made if enough time has not been invested into it. When you buy a piece of homemade jewelry, remember that the maker has spent precious moments of his time making it perfect. Nothing is more precious than time, and this makes every piece significant. Once you realize that the specific item was designed for you, you will be much more satisfied with your purchase. If you are planning on gifting it, the receiver will love it even more.


When you are purchasing mass-produced items, you don't really care to find out how they came to be or if they have a story. On the other hand, every homemade piece of jewelry has a story to tell about its creation and any designer will be more than happy to tell you about it. You can feel the designer's touch and love emanating from handmade jewelry because they have carried out the entire process by themselves instead of depending on machines to do the work for them. Visit stores like Craftgenie.shop and browse through their collections to know how exquisite homemade pieces can be.

Higher and better quality:
While cheap jewelry may have the bling you are looking for, they can often be damaging. Unless the materials used to make a piece of jewelry are correctly processed, they can harm your skin by having allergic reactions and causing discoloration. Homemade jewelry, on the other hand, is always made of higher quality metals. The decision regarding what raw materials to use lies with just the maker, which is why you can be reassured that you are not being played for a fool. Handcrafted jewelry will also be more durable, unlike machine-made pieces which can fall apart easily.

Small-scale production:
Unlike a large scale production where no individual product gets special attention, homemade jewelry is based on making sure that each and every product has been made to perfection. Designers and makers are artists in their own right and they want to make their artistic creations as flawless as possible. They will help you out in every problem you have no matter how small it is. Some designers can even create customized charm bracelets if you so wish. Craftgenie.Shop has an array of homemade jewelry that will impress you with their attention to detail.

Supporting small businesses:

When you are buying homemade jewelry, you are not only making this earth a better place but also helping a budding entrepreneur find a place in this tough market. Small businesses progress only with the help of a loyal customer base, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to preserving the dying art of handicrafts.

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